Rex X Lockdown Project

Decided to try and get my old Rex X nitro RC buggy running again.

I bought this buggy probably about 15 years ago.

For a number of reasons I did not really keep up the hobby and it has been lying unused for probably 10 years or close to it.

The last thing I remember doing with it was bringing it into the shop for repairs on the engine, I believe the piston sleeve was replaced and it was never started since.

So I went to the shed and dug it out, picture below…

Rex X Electrics Check

So the first check I completed was the electrics.

The old transmitter takes 8 AA batteries and the car takes 4 AA batteries.

I put them in an it was alive anyway 🙂

I thought there may be a problem with the steering servo but after a few goes it seemed to be working ok.

Video below…

Rex X Quick Clean

The next step was giving the car a quick clean.

I also ordered some fuel, fuel filler bottle and glow plugs on line.

1/8 scale air filters and filter sponges were out of stock so I found some standard sponges and cut out the correct shape to replace the damaged one in the old air filter (not ideal I know but better than nothing)

Pictures Below…

Rex X First Attempt To Start The Engine after Many Years

The parts arrived from the online order and it was time to try to start the car, I ran into a few problems.

First issue the battery in the old glow starter was dead, it had not charged up. I discovered with a little botching I could insert an AA battery into it and use that for the initial testing.

Then just as the engine sounded like it was about to start, I broke the pull starter. I tried to repair it, but with some evidence of previous “fixes” I had carried out years ago, this time it was definitely fit for the bin.

Photos below…

Rex X Successful Start

At this stage I wanted to make sure the engine was working before making a decision to spend more money on the car.

I removed the rear part of the car and managed to start the engine using a cordless drill and the 12mm Hex Nut One-way Bearing from the pull starter



Rex X Drill Start Upgrade and Other Parts

After the successful start with the cordless drill I decided to replace the broken pull starter with a drill start

I got the Fastrax Force Backplate Torque Start and I also got the Fastrax Start Shaft

Video below…

I also ordered a new body shell, wheels and tires

And I decided to buy a second had Rex-X on eBay, I was looking for a doner car however the one I have purchased looks in very good nick. I will wait to see when it arrives but my old car may become the doner car if the eBay one is as good as it looks in the photos. Its a rolling chassis with servos, no engine and has a 2 speed upgrade. It cost about €145 including delivery.


Rex X Breaking In

Because I think the piston sleeve was replaced when the buggy was put away many years ago, my understanding is that the engine needed to be broken in again. I didn’t know much about this process but found some good information online. I had to do it the old fashioned was as I don’t have a temp gun yet.

Below is a video of part of the breaking in process.

Rex X New Parts

So lots of new parts have arrived

I got new glow start and a new air filter.

New body shell, wheels and tires.

And the second hand Rex X form eBay arrived. This one seems to be in really good nick so it looks like my old car will become the doner car 🙂

An issue I have had is the back plate on the engine has cracked in the top corner where one of the Torque Start screws goes through it meaning the Torque Start is now only held in place by the 2 bottom screws. I am still able to use the Torque Start by applying pressure with a screwdriver while starting

Rex X Installing Parts

I have installed some of the parts from my old Rex X on to the eBay one.

Mainly the engine and tuned pipe (there is a nice tuned pipe included with the eBay one which I will try at some stage)

I had some difficulties getting the 2 speed clutch connected to the crank shaft on my engine as the crank shaft seemed to be a tiny bit too short. I managed to get it on using a temporary solution for now.

I also cut out the required pieces from the new body shell.

A few more bits to do tomorrow and it should be ready for a test drive 🙂

Photos below…


Rex X Test Drive

So I fitted the new air filter and made a few final adjustments and brought the car out for a test drive.

Very happy with it so far.

Still plenty of work and adjustments to do but happy with progress 🙂

Videos Below